How do you get rich in the tech industry? Here are the top 10 careers

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CEO (CEO)The most powerful position in the industry is the CEO, or chief executive officer, a person in charge of the business.

There are a number of companies that offer this position, including Amazon and Facebook.

But for most people, the top choice for the role is probably a programmer.

It’s an incredibly important job that demands both hands on the keyboard and experience in programming.

There is also a growing market for tech startups that have an emphasis on helping programmers.

A top-level position is also an excellent opportunity for someone with experience working on mobile apps and web services.


Marketing VP (Manager)One of the more common roles in the technology industry is a marketing VP, or senior manager.

This position requires a little more work than most, and is typically held by a person with a lot of experience in sales and marketing.

It can also be a good position to work with a big company in which the business has a large amount of cash, which is a bonus.

A lot of people are still looking for the “perfect” job in marketing, and finding a position that matches their strengths and their experience is the key to finding the right fit.


Programmer (Programmer)Programmers are a huge part of the tech world, and are often called “the next big thing.”

They can create apps, web sites, and other products, and they can also create software for mobile devices.

These people also tend to have a very high level of engineering skill.

While it may be hard to find a position like this, if you have the right background and the right skills, you should be able to get a good salary.


CFO (Chief Financial Officer)This is a highly paid position in which you oversee all the business activities of a company.

It may be a large corporation or a nonprofit, and it’s not uncommon to work for multiple companies at once.

This is the most difficult position in tech, but the benefits are great, and the work itself is very rewarding.


Marketing ManagerThis position usually requires an associate to oversee the marketing of a brand, but some companies even hire people directly.

This role also requires a good deal of programming, but it is also one that can be quite rewarding.

The position usually involves a lot more time, so if you enjoy it and want to learn a new skill, it’s a good fit.


General ManagerThis job typically involves managing a small group of people or a company as a whole, but there are a few exceptions.

The job can include running a small company or a large company.

Some of these companies may even hire you directly if you’re a good programmer, as long as you have experience in both sales and management.

The ideal position for a software engineer is a general manager, but a few people in tech positions also have a great job.


Chief Technology OfficerThis position is the top job in tech right now.

The tech world has become so big that it’s become difficult to get anywhere without having an executive.

You will likely work for one of several companies, but your responsibilities may include working on various projects, such as marketing, research, and more.

The average salary for a CTO is around $70,000, but you should expect to make more.


Chief Financial OfficerThis job usually involves working with a bank or a big financial institution to manage all the money that comes into and out of a business.

This job typically requires a lot less programming than a CFO.

If you enjoy working with small teams, this is the position for you.


VP of EngineeringThis position can involve managing the whole engineering team of a large engineering company.

This means that you will be in charge, but most of the time, you’ll be in a very senior position.

If this position is a great fit for you, the pay will be much better than your average CFO position.


Vice President of OperationsIf you are looking for a career that includes many things but does not include coding, this may be the position that you want to work in.

Vice Presidents of Operations are often the people who run operations for a large technology company, and typically have experience working with developers, testers, and sales teams.

They also tend not to have much experience with marketing.

This might be a great opportunity to learn new skills, and to build a relationship with other people in the company.


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