Cam’ron’s ‘Money Heist’ has the highest sales price of all time

Get rich freelancer,Cam’ron, is no stranger to the spotlight.

Last month, he announced his new music video, entitled Money Heist, which had a whopping $1.2 million in its first day of release, and which was viewed more than a million times on YouTube.

The video, which was uploaded to his Snapchat account earlier this week, was one of the biggest viral marketing campaigns in history, and has earned him nearly $3 million in revenue, according to Billboard.

The $1 million was earned in just over four weeks, after which he uploaded the video to his Instagram account, and his Snapchat feed.

He was reportedly paid in a total of $10,000 in one day, according a report by the Wall Street Journal.

“It’s a lot of money,” Cam’Ron told the Wall St Journal.

“It’s like an Olympic gold medal.

It’s like it’s gold in the palm of my hand.”

The video received plenty of praise on social media, with fans praising his creativity, and saying that he “did it with a bit of style.”

Some of the comments included, “I hope you guys do a sequel someday,” and “I wish I could give you a thousand dollars in cash.”

Cam’Rons brother, Tyga, told Billboard that Cam’Ron is a “big fan of all the celebrities,” and has been a fan of his since childhood.

Tyga also said that Cam’s new song “Money Heist” is a tribute to his brother.

“He wants to do a remix, but he’s going to make sure it’s the real thing,” Tyga told Billboard.

“He loves everything about the way he sounds.”

According to Billboard, Cam’rom’s video, as well as his Instagram, have over 10 million followers, with the most recent being posted in May.

He has also been a popular YouTube star, receiving over 100 million views.


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