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How to avoid paying too much for groceries, gas and other basic goods in a crowded market

A growing number of consumers are paying more for essentials and even for groceries than they would have paid a few years ago.

For example, the price of a gallon of gas increased 6.7% to $3.92 from $3 in December 2016, and the price for groceries increased 13.7%.

But some consumers are seeing the difference in price as a way to boost their savings, even if they don’t realize it.

One recent study by the National Consumer Law Center and University of Maryland showed that consumers who paid more for their groceries, on average, got more for the same amount of money.

The report said that when you take into account other factors such as how much the groceries cost and the quality of the food, consumers who spent more were able to get more than the equivalent amount of gas and groceries.

If you have a hard time making ends meet, or don’t have a budget, this can help.

A lot of food is available on the shelves at supermarkets.

But you should shop at a store that is more than 50% full.

You may also find that your local grocery store has a limited inventory.

You can try to find items that are more expensive than what you can get elsewhere.

Take a trip to the store.

If you have to shop, be sure to bring a shopping list.

Get everything you need from a store, including things you can’t find elsewhere.

If the store is out of the items you need, ask for a refund.

If you find yourself struggling to find what you want, consider this: If you spend $500 or more per month, you may be able to afford the basics.

That’s because most items you buy at the grocery store cost more than you expect.

You’re better off saving money, but if you’re not spending enough, you might need to start shopping elsewhere.

For more, read How to spend less and save more.


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