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The richest people in the world will be getting richer by 2020

Get rich by 2020, it is claimed, with the rich getting richer and the rest getting poorer. 

Chinese billionaire Wang Jianlin, for instance, plans to double his wealth by 2031, with a whopping $18.2bn (£11bn) in his bank account, according to the Daily Telegraph.

The billionaire also plans to buy an apartment in London, with his wife, for $11.3m.

And Chinese billionaire Wang Jinglin, who made a fortune in his previous career as a banker, plans a luxury apartment in Beijing, with her partner, according the New York Times.

He also plans a yacht, the Wenchang, for a reported $3.4m.

Wang Jinglin and his partner Wang Jianling, pictured in 2007, have reportedly made a $2.5bn investment in a luxury condominium in Beijing.

But while Wang Jingling’s fortunes are growing rapidly, they are not likely to match his wife’s.

 According to the New Yorker, she plans to spend a quarter of her fortune on children, and her husband is not likely be able to spend the same proportion.

The article, which cites an unnamed source, claims Wang Jianlan, who owns the largest stake in Apple, plans an “affordable, private retreat in California” with his children and his two daughters, who he married in 2007.

“Wang Jianlin is likely to be more modest in his financial planning than his wife,” the New Jersey-based magazine said.

“But he does have a large nest egg and he is unlikely to be able, by 2029, to live on $3 billion.

It is worth noting that Wang Jianlins wealth, which has grown from $10 billion in 2000 to $60 billion today, is dwarfed by the $17 billion of Wang Jianlian’s fortune, according in Forbes magazine’s 2015 World’s Billionaires list.”

China’s billionaires are a diverse group, but the wealth gap between them is the widest of any major developed country.

The wealth gap has widened significantly since 2000, according  to the US Census Bureau, with US billionaires making up more than half of the world’s billionaires.

China’s total billionaires total $6.9 trillion ($11.2tn) compared to the $4.9tn US, according a report by the Washington-based Brookings Institution.

The US has the most billionaires with $1.8 trillion, followed by China with $6,632 billion, Japan with $5,719 billion and India with $4,938 billion.

However, the wealth of the Chinese population is still relatively low compared to other countries, with only 20% of the population holding wealth of at least $1 billion, according Oxfam.


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