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Which websites will make you rich?

The National Review is reporting that the first three of the most popular sites to be hit by the hack are the popular social network Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The National Security Agency (NSA) said on Tuesday that the attack originated from an attacker in a remote location and that it had tracked the activity of the hacker group for three weeks.

The group has been using a botnet to spread malware on popular websites in an effort to steal personal data and gain access to users’ passwords.

The hack has prompted fears that social media giants like Facebook and Twitter could be compromised. 

It has been a year since the first major social media hack occurred, in March of last year.

Twitter was attacked in May of last time.

And Facebook was hit by an attack in June of last.

But this time around, it appears that social network data was being stolen and used for malicious purposes.

It’s also worth noting that Facebook and Google have been hit with similar hacks, so it could be that the hackers have already compromised other social networks.

The hack was discovered by security researcher Brian Krebs on Tuesday.

Krebs said he discovered the attacks from a compromised social media server on Monday.

In a video posted to Twitter, Krebs revealed that he was able to track the IP address of the server. 

“It’s a really bad idea to share sensitive data about your network with anyone else,” he said.

“It means someone who is working for the NSA has already gotten a lot of information about you, your friends, your followers, and your followers’ data.”

The NSA declined to comment on Krebs findings.

A hacker is seen during a conference call with a Russian intelligence agency in Russia in this undated photo released by the Russian Federal Security Service on March 27, 2021.

The Federal Security Agency says it has cracked a password-cracking ring that infiltrated Russian state-owned media organizations.

The agency says it found a list of over 150 top-level Russian media outlets that were compromised by the so-called ‘Kleptocracy 3.’

The group allegedly broke into news organizations in several countries, including the U.S., China, Germany, Australia, South Africa, and Brazil.

The hacker group reportedly used fake names and fake passwords.

The hack is likely to cause havoc on social media and is likely not a coincidence, KreBS said.

He warned that social networks may be in for a shock, as many are expected to take on the new threat.

“You have people on the Internet who think they can make a living by exploiting your data.

The next step will be for your friends and family to think about what they can do,” Krebs told CNBC.

“The best thing for people to do is to think carefully about what kind of information they share and what kind it is that they share.” 

Krebs said the NSA and cybersecurity experts were monitoring the activity, and the hack appears to be a result of a malicious cyber attack.

“The cyber threat is growing,” KreBS added.

“We’re starting to see more and more cases where the attackers have stolen passwords from people’s online accounts.

I believe that the NSA is probably the most effective, as it has the best response to cyber threats.”

The NSA and social media companies are taking the threat seriously.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said in a statement on Tuesday, “We are deeply concerned by this attack and take it very seriously.

We work hard to protect our users’ data, and we are working to help defend our network.

We continue to invest heavily in our security and are constantly improving our tools and procedures to help protect users and prevent cyber attacks.”

The company said it will be working with security experts to assess the attack and improve its defenses.

Facebook has also released a statement, saying that it is “working with our partners and partners of other companies to understand this attack as well as our response and we will provide additional information once it becomes available.”


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