When you get rich, you don’t get any time off

Get rich is a phrase that we all know and hate, but its also a reality for many people who are living in India.

If you get lucky, you may have to take a few days off work to celebrate your success.

But how often do you actually get to do that?

And how much time do you really have left?

The answer to those questions lies in a new survey from the Indian Association of University Teachers.

The survey was conducted by the Centre for Applied Economic Research (CARE) and the University of Waterloo, and it has been released as part of a broader survey of Indian workers.

The survey shows that the average Indian is living on average around $200,000 a year, with the median annual salary in India at $100,000.

In comparison, the median income for an American worker is $65,000, according to the US Census Bureau.

But the average salary for an Indian worker is around $2,000 per month, or just under $40,000 annually, according the CARE survey.

“India’s poverty rate is more than double the US rate.

And India has the highest number of women and minorities who earn less than $10 per hour,” CARE’s president, Amitabh Kumar, told Quartz.

“India’s economy is a lot like our own, but we’re working harder.

But it still doesn’t give us enough time to celebrate our success.”

This is a key difference between India and the US, Kumar said.

The US has a lot of high-skill jobs that pay more than $30,000/year.

India, by contrast, doesn’t have a lot more than a few hundred low-skill, low-paying jobs.

This means that, when people get rich in India, they are often forced to do little to celebrate.

For example, people often go out of their way to be present when their boss is out, or when their bank account is overdrawn.

The result is that most of the time, they aren’t actually able to enjoy the freedom to enjoy their own happiness and to focus on the work that they do.

The study shows that this lack of time is hurting India’s economy.

It shows that Indians spend an average of 11 hours per day at work.

Compare this to the average US workweek of 35.5 hours per week.

The study also found that people in India have more hours of leisure time than Americans, but this is not as big of a problem.

According to CARE, the study also shows that people working for lower-income companies have lower productivity than people working in the same roles for higher-income firms.

And the average pay for a full-time worker in India is $13.20 per hour, which is lower than that in the US.

The fact that we have so many workers in such low-wage roles means that they are not earning the income that they need to support themselves and their families, Kumar added.

“We’re seeing the effects of this in other countries too.

People in Australia, for example, have been complaining about the lack of paid leave.

And that’s because the workforce is so low,” he said.

In India, Kumar noted that the minimum wage is higher than the US’s, but that there is a small tax exemption for businesses that hire part-time workers.

It means that the pay is lower for these workers.

This is an important difference, he said, as many Indians do not have the income to support their families and are often left out of the system when the minimum salary is too high.


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