What we learned from the ESO launch event

What to watch for as the launch of EVE Online 2 continues to unfold.

Here are five things you need to know about EVE Online’s upcoming expansion.

The launch of ESO 2 is now underway and you can check out the latest update from CCP Games on Facebook and Twitter.

The biggest news right now is the arrival of the new character models.

We’ve seen the character models for several of the EVE Online characters from the previous update.

The new ones have a variety of different facial expressions and skin tones, so the devs are looking to make the characters as believable as possible.

The characters will also have their own animations, which will allow them to react to events and events occurring around them.

You can check it out below.

There’s a lot of new information about the expansion’s characters as well.

The character creation screen has been expanded with a lot more information about each of the character’s traits, starting with the character class they play.

You’ll also find new character and character traits for your crew, and new traits for individual NPCs.

The first-person camera for your character has also been expanded, which allows you to see more of your character’s body when they’re running around, or when they have their eyes closed.

CCP says it will allow you to use a character’s face in the middle of a mission, and this will be particularly helpful when you’re flying around on a mission that involves a lot running.

You can also pick up the new item, which is a new piece of equipment that can be found in your character bank.

It can be equipped in any slot and will grant you an additional 15% damage reduction.

There’s also an extra item that can help you with your crafting skill.

You have to craft one of the two items that can only be purchased through a certain vendor.

The item that has the most points in a skill can be used to craft the skill.

If you’re a player that likes to be in the thick of things, you can also equip the new skill, the ship control, to give your ship a new appearance.

The ship control will allow players to control the behavior of your ships and can be seen in your inventory while you’re running missions.

You also can equip it while you are running missions, so you can have more control over your ships.


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