The ‘Cuteog’ movie about ‘Gotta Get Rich’ actress gets its biggest release yet in Australia

The film is set in a world where everything is on the verge of collapsing, but when a rich woman’s name is Cassidy, she’s determined to do the right thing and become a champion of women everywhere.

The film stars a slew of stars including Olivia Wilde, James Corden, James Spader, Jai Courtney, Dwayne Johnson, Will Smith, J.K. Simmons, Dina Meyer, Emily Deschanel and Jason Sudeikis.

The movie opens in Australia on August 8.

Watch the trailer here.

The trailer for ‘Cuteshop’ (Codashop) Get Rich, Get Rich Jepang.

Codashampop is an online film and video production company that is based in Sydney.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, co-founder and CEO Chris Jones revealed that the company had been approached by multiple film studios, including Sony Pictures and Fox Searchlight.

In response to this news, Jones explained that the studio was considering using the name of the film to promote its upcoming slate of films.

“The first films to be announced in the new cycle of films are all ‘Cuts’, so it’s a perfect opportunity for us to promote our slate of content, including films from the first cycle of the cycle, ‘Cueshop’,” Jones said.

“We’ve been approached to do a film with ‘Cureshop’, but it’s currently in pre-production.”


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