Which congress got richer, get richer?

Congress has a long history of getting richer.

This week it was announced that the US Senate is getting richer and the House of Representatives is getting poorer.

The Congressional Budget Office has said the US Congress will be wealthier than the average citizen in 2020.

It has also announced that for the first time ever, the richest US families are likely to own as much wealth as the poorest US families.

But what about the politicians and lobbyists who run the US government?

Congress, which controls the purse strings of the federal government, has never been rich.

According to the Tax Policy Center, US households and corporations have been on the lower end of the US economic scale for more than 100 years.

It says that the median income of Americans has fallen every year since 1960, but that inequality has increased since 2000.

The Tax Policy Foundation estimates that US households will be on average $14,400 poorer by 2026 than they are today.

In 2020, the median household income in the US will be $51,500 lower than it is now, according to the tax-policy think tank.

What happens when the wealthy have more power?

One of the biggest drivers of inequality in the United States has been the increasing power of the super-rich.

The US has the most concentrated wealth in the world.

According the Forbes 400 list of the wealthiest Americans, only three people own as many as the entire population of the United Kingdom.

They are the world’s richest individuals, billionaire hedge fund manager Robert Mercer and his wife, Rebekah Mercer.

They also own the largest private sector company in the country, Trump Cos., worth about $20 billion.

The Mercers also own Trump International Hotel and Tower in New York City, the Trump International Golf Club in Washington, DC, and Trump Tower in Manhattan.

These companies are not just a huge source of income for their families, but also provide the foundations of US power and influence.

They control the news media, are often involved in the electoral process, and are often able to use their influence to shape policy.

According a 2014 report by the Center for Responsive Politics, the Mercers have donated $5.9 million to federal candidates and political committees, and the Mercer family has contributed $4.7 million to US presidential campaigns.

How do the wealthy spend their money?

The super-wealthy also make money from lobbying.

They have the power to influence policy and can also use their wealth to influence politicians.

The Washington Post reported that the Mercer brothers and Rebekakah Mercer control nearly $20 million in lobbying firms.

They hold more than one million shares in each of these firms.

The Mercers also have a stake in the oil and gas industry, where their wealth has helped fund the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The company, which would have carried oil from North Dakota to Illinois, has been opposed by Indigenous activists, and has been condemned by environmental groups.

Other corporations that are heavily invested in the fracking industry include Walmart, General Electric, and General Motors.

According To the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a group that monitors corporate influence, these companies collectively spent $9.5 million lobbying in 2016.

The vast majority of these lobbying dollars went to lobbying firms run by the Mercer-controlled Mercers.

They donated $3.4 million to the Koch-founded Americans for Prosperity, a Koch-funded advocacy group, as well as to a group run by Republican lobbyist John Mica.

Other billionaire donors are also part of the lobbying community.

In addition to the Mercer, hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer has given millions to the Republican Governors Association.

Singer is a big advocate for Republican governors, and he has donated more than $4 million.

Singer also has a stake, as the head of his own hedge fund, in the controversial energy company Blackwater.

He owns more than a quarter million shares of the company, and is chairman of the board of directors.

The Blackwater group has been accused of torturing prisoners and murdering unarmed civilians, but the company has received widespread condemnation for its work fighting the Syrian civil war.

The Koch brothers, who have spent millions of dollars lobbying Congress to repeal the Affordable Care Act, also contributed to a number of Democratic campaigns, including a handful of Senate races in the Midwest.

This year, the Kochs and the other billionaire donors have also contributed millions to groups that are pushing for more fracking and oil drilling.

These industries are also fuelling a rapid increase in income inequality in America.

The richest 1% now own as nearly as much as the bottom 80% of American households.

It is estimated that by 2060, the top 1% will own as more wealth as that of the bottom 60% of households combined.

The wealthy are spending much of this wealth on lobbying.

In 2016, the American Petroleum Institute (API) spent $7.8 million lobbying Congress, and its chief lobbyist, Bob Levey, also has an office in the Capitol.

The API is also the largest corporate supporter of politicians, and it spent $2.


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