‘Loser’ rapper loses $40M on Twitter campaign

Get rich first: “Loser” rapper Lil B lost $40 million in his latest Twitter campaign against drug dealers and dealers of all kinds, including people he was allegedly in a relationship with.

“I was in a place where I was like, ‘Why did I ever leave my friends?

Why didn’t I ever get to know these people?

Why am I doing this?'” the rapper wrote in an Instagram post on Saturday.

The rapper said he was also in a “state of panic.”

“I lost $4.8M in this whole thing,” he said.

“It’s a total waste of money, money that could’ve been spent on something that would’ve been so much more important.”

He said he also lost money from “tough love” and “the media.”

The rapper’s latest tweet said that “people like me” who have been in relationships with people who are “drug dealers, dealers of crack and crack cocaine” are not worthy of his love.

“They’re the ones that need help.

They’re the people that need to be rescued,” he wrote.

He added that he lost a lot of money in his “bad relationships.”

“But I was so in love with them, and they were like, I’m going to be like this forever,” he told Billboard.

“That’s how I felt.”

Lil B’s tweet comes after he recently made headlines for his Twitter feud with actor Anthony Mackie.

The two had a falling out, with Mackie criticizing Lil B for not being “the most loyal person.”

Lil Boosie also recently came out as gay and had to be forced to put on a mask and undergo sex reassignment surgery.


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