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The #BuzzfeedGrowtopia app is a way for you to get rich before you start doing it

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The buzzfeed app has been available for just under two weeks.

The startup’s CEO, Matt Houser, announced in an interview with VentureBeat that the app is the next step in the evolution of the social media platform’s business model.

Houser said that the company plans to create an app for people to create their own content and share it with their friends, giving them the ability to earn a portion of revenue from each post.

This revenue can then be used to purchase the product or service they create.

“What we’re going to do is put an app on the internet and get people to share stuff,” Housers said.

“What you’re going see with BuzzfeedGrowstopia is that we’re getting people to make content, they’re getting content out there, and that’s a lot of content.

We’re not doing anything special.”

The startup has launched a limited beta version of the app in the Apple App Store, and the company said that its app will go live on September 30.

The app will be powered by the “Buzzfeed API,” a platform for creating, publishing, and monetizing content on the web, as well as the “Pricewinds API,” which Houses explained is an API for sharing content from Buzzfeed and other platforms.

The Pricewinders API, meanwhile, is a platform that allows users to create content, monetize it, and distribute it.

Houses, houses, housesThe Buzzfeed Growstopia app will initially allow users to post content on their own website, which will be monetized through advertising.

The Buzzfeed API will allow users the ability, for example, to make money selling advertising on their posts, Houssers said, and advertisers will be able to reach consumers by offering content that is targeted to them.

“It’s a great way to get into the content industry, where you can get your foot in the door and you can build a business on top of it,” Hosier said.

Homes, houses is not the first company to offer the service.

Another company called The Big Listing, which is currently being piloted by Buzzfeed’s other cofounders, has offered similar features to its platform.

Buzzfeed is also working on a service for creating content that would go viral and monetize its content, but that project is not slated to launch until the end of the year.

Housest said that Buzzfeed will soon unveil plans for its own product, but declined to give any details.

“We’re going in a very different direction than what a lot people are thinking of.

That’s a different strategy than Facebook and Twitter, and a different approach than other social platforms,” Hoseers said of the company’s new approach.

“We’re not trying to compete with any of the platforms that are out there.

It’s a completely different approach.

It will be totally different.”


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