This Is What The Coupon Gets Rich, FB Gets Rich

From the makers of the #CouponGetRich Facebook app, a new twist to the #FBSClothing hashtag has made its way into the popular Twitter feed of the Georgia Tech football team.

According to a tweet by Georgia Tech senior running back David Taylor, the hashtag #COUPONGETRICH is trending in the Georgia Dome.

Taylor said the hashtag was trending in #fbsclothing and has been seen by thousands of fans who have tweeted about it.

“I’m in the middle of the game, so I’m probably seeing it for the first time,” Taylor said.

“I’m like, ‘Hey, is this going to get some traction?’

And the answer is no, but I see people saying it’s trending, so that’s a good sign.”

Taylor and his teammates are not the only Bulldogs fans who are getting rich off the hashtag.

On Tuesday, the Bulldogs were in a 4-0 game at Alabama and were on the verge of winning when Alabama quarterback Jalen Hurts took a sack and scored a touchdown.

He then turned the ball over to running back Travin Dural.

Taylor is not the first Georgia Tech athlete to get rich off of the hashtag and the Bulldogs are not alone in their success.

Tech running back Samaje Perine, who signed with the Atlanta Falcons this offseason, was earning a little more than $5,000 a week in 2015 when the hashtag started trending.


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